EFT is a new therapy, developed by Cary Graig, American engineer, about thirty years ago in the USA , which began to be practiced in France since 2002.
EFT means Emotional Freedom Techniques.
This therapy belongs to the new branch of energy and meridian therapies that are based on the notion of mind-body link .
This idea of mind-body link start to be widely accepted in the world of psychotherapies and health.
Over the last few years , this therapy has known a great success because of its proven results and of its apparent simplicity that makes it accessible to all.

The existing theory is that negative emotions, recorded in our unconscious throughout our life, create a disturbance of the energy system of our body, this disturbance causing blockages being at the origin of our psychological or physical problems and our sufferings .

The session consists in tapping the points of entry or exit of the meridians of acupuncture while listening to the emotions, the feelings, the negative memories , the ill-being, and in repeating a positive affirmation in relation to the problem to treat .
These problems to treat may be significant traumas, but also “small” traumas or small events that created a “short-circuit” in the brain (a “zzzzt” for Gary Craig).
The tapping and affirmation adapted to our feeling unblock the system and eliminate this “short- circuit “.
Energy can circulate freely again, allowing traumatic memory to be rid of its emotional charge and reinstated as a past memory.

Indications :

They are multiple.

For Babies:
Sleep disorders, diet disorders, eczema ,crying etc …
For children :
Behavior disorders, hyperactivity, learning disorders , enuresis etc …
For adults :
Stress, anxiety, fears and panics, phobias, depression, bereavement, sleep disorders, excess weight, addictions (tobacco, alcohol), lack of self-confidence etc …
Pains (migraines, lumbago, fibromyalgia, colopathies, arthrosis), digestive disorders, urinary disorders , eczema, psoriasis , shingles , chronic diseases etc …

EFT doesn’t replace your medical treatment and should only be used as complementary to it .

Number of sessions:

On average, 1 to 4 sessions are required but this number can be decreased or increased depending on the case.
It is a method that you can use alone ,between the sessions and after the treatment, as often as necessary, following the indications of your practitioner.

EFT and the child:

EFT is a precious tool to offer to our children.
This is to teach them , from a very young age , to manage their emotions in an easy and very playful way with a quick relief .
It is listening to their feelings, their fears, their moods, their questions.
It is to listen to them in benevolence to give them what most of us lack: “self-confidence.”
Imagine the adults of tomorrow that they may become , if they know , from very young age , how to manage their emotional bagage without filling it unnecessarily with too heavy and bulky weights.