Danielle PONCET

EFT Practitioner


On appointment

+00 + 33 + 4 77 79 29 03


At my office :

Located at 18 rue Jean Meunier 42140 CHAZELLES SUR LYON ( France).

You can make an appointment by phone at + 00 + 33 + 4 77 79 23 03

At your home :

In Chazelles and its surroundings, if it’s difficult or impossible for you to move.

Make an appointment by phone at + 00 + 33 + 4 77 79 29 03 as we can choose together a date and a time according to our availabilities.

Remotely by Skype :

It’s possible to use Skype video call for remote EFT sessions.

Skype is a free software , very simple to use , that exists for Mac, Linux and Windows and that allows you to make video calls with the others Skype users all around the world.

If you don’t have it on your computer, you may download it by following this link.

Contact me by phone or e-mail to agree on appointment date and time and to tell me your username.

I will then be abble to add you to my contacts and after you accept me, call you at the agreed date and time.

How to prepare yourself for the online session ?

Sit comfortably in front of your computer, after checking that the sound and the image of your webcam are working properly.

Make sure  you will not be disturbed during the session which usually last from 1 hour to 1 hour and half.

Prepare next to you a bottle of water or another drink of your choice, and paper and pen to take notes.

For more informations

I’m available

  • By phone at +33 4 77 79 23 03
  • By e-mail via the contact page


Duration and rates

Duration :

  • For adult , 1 hour to 1 hour and half
  • For child, 30 minutes  to 45 minutes
  • Rate by session : 50 Euros
  • Four sessions package : 180 Euros    

For Skype sessions:

Your payment must have reached me one day before our appointment, by check or by Paypal (you can pay by Credit Card, securely, even without a PayPal account)

To make an appointment

  • By phone at + 00 + 33 + 4 77 79 29 03